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Do I really need a transformation?

Over the last two weeks or so I have received 100s of messages telling me that I need a good transformation; I believe what they are saying is that my website, more accurately, my blog, needs a transformation.

Some messages were crude and some were blatant senseless. One message from a well known blogger/website has threatened me that if I continue to provide working codes on their forums then they will have no alternative but to ban me.

I wonder if they really know that what they are talking about. Do they really think that I care about his blog/website? Has he lost his senses recently?. He should know very well that I only care about people looking for real solutions about their real every day problems. They can always come to me direct and they know where I live in the cyberspace.

However, do I really need a transformation like in this video? Let me know. By the way I am not fat nor thin. I am just a normal guy keeping fit by going to my local gym three times a week.